When should you get your furnace checked?

When should you get your furnace checked?

One of the main concerns of a person is to ensure the comfort of their family. When winters approach and temperatures dip, among the various things you do to make sure your family is warm and comfortable, it is vital to do a maintenance check on your furnace.

Winters in Bakersfield, CA, are colder than other places in California. In the severe winter months, you need to make sure your family is not in discomfort.

When does your furnace need maintenance? 

Furnace repair Bakersfield, CA, is essential so that your furnace lasts long and you don’t have to replace it earlier than you expect. 

Strange or weird noises

If you hear a loud bang when you start your furnace, it means that the burners have collected dust. And if you hear howling and whistling sounds, it means the fuel supply is restricted.

High electricity bill

If you get a power bill that you never expected, it means that your heating system is taking way too much energy to warm your home. It means you need to do a maintenance check on it. A maintenance check helps you lower your overall costs of replacing the furnace.

Unpleasant odors

It is natural to smell dust when you turn on the furnace. But if you smell something more awful like oil, rubber then, it’s a sign that your heating system needs repair.

Fluctuations in the room temperature

If there are constant fluctuations in your house’s temperature, it means you need a maintenance check-up. A malfunctioning thermostat can be the cause of these temperature fluctuations.

Bad air quality

If your indoor air quality has experienced a change, you need a check on the furnace’s air filters. A clogged filter can harm the health of your family.

What does a furnace tune-up include?

Furnace check-ups include inspecting, cleaning, and repairing the worn-out parts:

  • Inspecting the ventilation system for any blockage and cleaning the clogged filters or exchanging them with new ones.
  • Heat exchanger inspection for signs of harm or corrosion.
  • Blower blockage check-up and removing the debris.
  • Checking the connection, and adjusting the voltage, removing the damaged wires.
  • Motor amperage check-up and testing.
  • Thermostat calibration check and flame or burner sensor check-up.
  • Starting and operating system check-up, safety controller repair.
  • Lubrication of necessary parts.

When should you get your furnace checked up?

According to the thumb rule, every second or third month or twice a year is better. It is advisable to check it during the summer months when the furnace is not in use.

Regular maintenance check-ups ensure the longer lifespan of your furnace, so make sure to get it checked the moment you notice something wrong.

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