Air Conditioning Repair In Bakersfield, CA

Air Conditioning Repair In Bakersfield, TAFT, SHAFTER, CA, AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS

Air conditioning repair in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, Arvin, Buena Park, Buttonwillow, Delano, Fraizer Park, Lamont, Lake Isabella, McFarland, Pine Mountain, Tehachapi, Wasco, CA, and Surrounding Areas.
Your AC costs you a substantial amount, and it would be silly not to take the necessary care of that equipment. However, the value you will receive for your money depends on your diligence and the professionalism of your service provider.

AC Repair Bakersfield CA and Taft, Shafter and surrounding areasHowever minor a required repair may be, even if it isn’t hindering the operation of your equipment, it should be attended to immediately.

Leaving little niggles without the necessary remedial action will result in more extensive AC repair in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, CA, and surrounding areas in the future, and it may even cause a complete breakdown of your equipment which, I am sure you will agree, would be a disaster during a hot summer day or night.

While the climate in Bakersfield, CA, can be delightful, the heat of summer requires a working air conditioner for your comfort. But what happens when your AC malfunctions? That’s when Bakersfield residents can turn to Elite Air Service. As a respected company providing AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, we ensure your home stays cool throughout the season.

Who to Call for Air Conditioning Repair

Call Elite Air Service today and let us rid your AC of those minor faults before you get left perspiring and frustrated. Elite Air Service’s AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, Taft, Shafter, and surrounding areas promises to be an experience that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.
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AC Repair Routine - Organized

The day has finally arrived, the one you have dreaded for so long. Your AC has suddenly stopped dead in its tracks. What are you going to do? The summer heat is bearing down, and you feel your head will explode. You can’t handle another day like this.

Elite Air Service is only a phone call away. Our technical team is waiting to respond to you. Whether or not you know where the problem lies, our troubleshooting skills will locate and pinpoint it instantly, cutting downtime and saving you money. In addition, we are fast to remove the part, ensuring that all else is still intact.

Performance and Longevity

An estimate is assembled for you quickly; we know the urgency in a detailed and easy-to-understand format. If there are any questions, our team stands by to assist wherever we can. Work begins once the financials have been settled.

We work efficiently to locate and obtain the spares, replace them with your equipment, and your AC is back in business before you know it. We value our relationship with every customer that crosses our paths. Check out our Facebook channel to join the Elite Air Service.

Upfront Pricing - Affordable and Guaranteed

Once your AC has succumbed to damages – it can be not very comforting, especially considering the cost of repairs. There are so many things that could go wrong. However, we give you peace of mind, keeping you abreast of the situation.

Elite Air Service values transparency. We ensure that you understand all costs before we begin our work. Often, repairs are unforeseen, which can be stressful.

Our HVAC repair in Bakersfield, CA, Taft, Shafter, and surrounding areas is affordable. We are here to serve you and your AC in the best way possible.

Contact our experienced staff at (661) 410-8390. Are you too busy to make a phone call? Don’t worry. We have the solution! Check out our Contact Us page. We can’t wait to hear back from you.

Why Choose Elite Air Service?

Elite Air Service can help you get the most out of your HVAC system with professional maintenance and AC repair in Bakersfield, CA. For example, you want to ensure your AC is operating well. In that case, our highly trained technicians can inspect, diagnose, and make necessary repairs to enjoy many years of efficient services for your AC.
We’re also knowledgeable about all central air conditioning manufacturers and models. As a result, we’re confident that we’ll be able to handle any problems your air conditioner may encounter.
Residents across Bakersfield rely on our AC repair services because they can count on:

  • Certified Professionals: Our skilled technicians have the credentials and the experience to tackle any AC issue.
  • Straightforward Pricing: We deliver top-quality AC repair services at fair prices, with no hidden costs—just honest and transparent billing.
  • Superior-Quality Service: We are committed to providing exceptional service, no matter the job’s scale, establishing ourselves as the go-to AC repair service in Bakersfield, CA.

Repair Services

Is your AC not cooling as efficiently as before? It may be making an unusual noise or has stopped working entirely. Elite Air Service professionals can diagnose and resolve all these issues and more. Our services are designed to fix everything from minor glitches to significant breakdowns in various AC systems.

Choose Elite Air Service for:

  • Increased Comfort: A well-functioning AC ensures your indoor environment remains comfortable, even during the hottest summer days.
  • Lower Energy Bills: We can help you cut energy costs by improving your AC’s efficiency.

These are a Handful of Our Best Qualities

• Latest Equipment

We use the most up-to-date testing equipment to verify that our customers’ houses are safe and comfortable. We only employ cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy, quality, and compliance for AC repair in Bakersfield.

• Trained and Qualified Technicians

Elite Air Service qualified experts are highly versatile when dealing with the HVAC system. We confirm that we will reach you within a few minutes and offer you the assistance you require.

• 24 x 7 Availability

Sometimes, the systems can break down any day without prior notice and at inconvenient times. You may expect a rapid answer once you call us.

• Family-owned Business

We can easily comprehend family values because we’re family-owned businesses. We have a warm manner and make our clients feel at ease.

• Complete Satisfaction

Our customers loved our specialists’ professionalism and sincerity. They arrive on time and provide a thorough and honest explanation of the issue with your system. Our experts attempt to fix or replace any broken components to maintain the comfort and longevity of your AC system.
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Service Area

Our highly-rated AC repair services are primarily available to the residents of Bakersfield, CA, and several neighboring regions, ensuring top-notch AC performance for a larger community.

For a relaxed and comfortable home, rely on Elite Air Service for all your AC repair needs in Bakersfield, CA.

Beat the heat with Elite Air Service – a name you can trust for dependable AC repair services in Bakersfield, CA. Don’t let a faulty AC disrupt your comfort.

Contact us today for professional, prompt, and proven AC services.

Proud to be providing Air Conditioning Repair Service in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, CA, and Surrounding Areas!  It’s our hometown and your comfort is our business. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, an HVAC system inspection should take place twice a year. The best time for an HVAC inspection is in the fall and the spring when you switch from heating to air conditioning or vice-versa.

The technician should check your system at least once a year. Just like a car, it needs to be adjusted regularly to ensure that it works properly.

Ensure that it is getting the proper attention it needs. Look for AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, to schedule an appointment for an HVAC inspection.

The cooling capacity of an AC system is measured in tons based on the amount of British Thermal Units (BTU) it can remove in one hour.

For example, the one-ton unit can remove 12,000 BTU. Two tons unit can remove 24,000 BTU, and so on.

Typically, an air conditioner requires 20 BTU per square foot of living space, but other considerations such as ceiling height and door and window size may require more cooling capacity.

Depending on the size of the home, you can use some general guidelines to estimate the unit size you need roughly. For example, a 2,000 square foot house may require units of 2.0 to 2.5 tons.

Many factors, such as the number and size of windows, the location of these windows, and the way the house is insulated, will affect the unit size.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER unit is the cooling capacity of the system in a typical cooling season divided by the total electrical energy used during the same period.

The higher the SEER level, the higher the efficiency of the equipment. It can also be called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

SEER ratio is calculated for the entire cooling season using constant indoor and outdoor temperatures between 60 degrees to 100 plus. This is the way to simulate a typical season.

ENERGY STAR qualified AC has a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and energy efficiency ratio (EER) rankings.

Look for ENERGY STAR certification AC for your home. This certification means that this particular air conditioner meets or exceeds higher performance standards than other similar models.

The EER of a 3-star AC is 2.9 to 3.09, and the EER of a 5-star AC is 3.3 or higher. 12 is an excellent energy efficiency rating for an AC.

If you do not schedule air conditioning service in Bakersfield, you may experience the following:


  1. Poor indoor air.
  2. Reduced lifespan of the AC system.
  3. Poor airflow.
  4. Frequent AC system breakdowns and repair issues.

You need AC service in Bakersfield if:

  1. Your air conditioner is having trouble cooling your home.
  2. Loud, odd noises are coming from the cooling system.
  3. You notice weird and strange smells.
  4. Increased monthly energy expenses.
  5. Your home has hot zones, especially between the floors.
  6. Water or refrigerant leakage.

Here is a simple method to troubleshoot the problem. However, if the tips do not work, call us for air conditioning repair in Bakersfield. 


  1. Ensure that the AC unit is plugged in.
  2. Examine the thermostat settings.
  3. Examine the outdoor condenser.
  4. Replace or clean the air filters.

The main components of an air conditioner are the following:


  1. Refrigerant: It is used for freezing and cooling.
  2. Compressor: The compressor's main job is to pressurize the refrigerant so its temperature rises.
  3. Condenser coil: The compressor releases high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant into the condenser coil.
  4. Expansion valve: The refrigerant must cool down before being delivered to the evaporator coils. The expansion valve is useful in this situation.
  5. Evaporator coil: The evaporator coil extracts the heat from the indoor air, and the indoor air cools down. 

These factors can make an AC unit more efficient:

  1. In addition to being better for the environment, the new refrigerant blend, R-410A, is also a better heat transfer fluid, enabling AC units to operate with greater energy efficiency.
  2. A variable-speed fan is better when the AC unit does not need to operate at maximum level.
  3. Compressors with multiple stages do not always need to operate at full capacity to adjust to the conditions in a home.

Elite Air Service experts are here to help resolve all the AC issues and increase its efficiency. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Signs that your AC may need repairs include unusual noises, inadequate cooling, constant running of the unit, and unreasonably high energy bills.

We recommend at least an annual service for your AC to ensure it works efficiently and has a longer lifespan.

Our team is experienced in handling a wide range of AC brands and models.

Yes, we extend our AC repair services to various areas surrounding Bakersfield, CA.

The best time to get your AC serviced is during spring, just before the peak summer heat kicks in.