Central HVAC Services in Bakersfield, CA

Central HVAC Services in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Central HVAC Services in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, Arvin, Buena Park, Buttonwillow, Delano, Fraizer Park, Lamont, Lake Isabella, McFarland, Pine Mountain, Tehachapi, Wasco, CA, and Surrounding Areas

At Elite Air Services, we know the importance of Central HVAC Services in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, CA, and Surrounding Areas. We love providing the best central air conditioning and heating services Bakersfield, CA. Schedule your Central HVAC System installation or service today with the professionals at Elite Air Services.

Our Central HVAC Services includes:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Central Heating
  • Central HVAC Systems
Central HVAC Services in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Services in Bakersfield, CA

Over the winter months, we often delay getting our furnaces serviced or repaired to beat the cold. It is nearly impossible to survive the cold harsh without the warmth of well-functioning furnaces. Not only do they tend to break down over months of rough use, most furnaces only function optimally when they are serviced and repaired regularly. Sometimes, the damage is so severe that the only way out is to get a furnace replacement. Although this is more costly than repairs, it is a long-term investment for your home. 

Attempting to replace your furnace on your own is a very risky move. Not only does it add to the safety hazards, but you could also end up installing it incorrectly and eventually require an expert’s help. Therefore, it is best to consult a trained technician at the initial phase itself. At Elite Air Service, our team of technicians is among the best when it comes to heating services Bakersfield, CA, including replacement.

Our Services

We provide furnace services and other heating services in Bakersfield, Taft, Shafter, Arvin, Buena Park, Buttonwillow, Delano, Lamont, Lake Isabella, McFarland, Pine Mountain, Tehachapi, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are one of the best at quickly isolating your furnace troubles and providing customized, tailored solutions at low costs.

Our wide range of furnace services include:

Why Choose Us?


Our services are economical and cost-effective. We provide furnace and heating replacements at competitive prices and do not overcharge for any of our services. We ensure that our service is completed within the stipulated period and do not charge you for any overtime we may serve while working on your home’s HVAC system. Additionally, we also provide discounts to veterans, senior citizens, first responders and teachers, and educators. You can always check out our website for our wide range of ongoing offers. 

Customer Service

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our customer support team is available for your queries, including any emergency heating and furnace services that you may require. We can also directly connect you to our technicians to get firsthand information about the most suitable heating replacement for your home.


With over five years of experience in the industry, we ensure that our services are top-notch quality. We offer same day services at very low prices. With our experience, we can troubleshoot your heating problems and find quick, effective solutions for the same.


We understand that not every individual can afford expensive heater and furnace replacements. Therefore, we provide financing options, including loans and EMIs, to our clients so that you can get a well-functioning, efficient, and brand new furnace without worrying about the cost. 

At Elite Air Service, we aim for ecological, economic, and efficient furnace services, all within your budget! Contact us today and get your furnace and heating replacement Bakersfield

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Preferably, the service of the furnace must be conducted before the winters to ensure its proper working throughout the winters. 

If repairs arise during any other season, they must be done promptly without any delays. Look out for the best furnace service in Bakersfield, CA.

It is recommended to change the furnace filters at least once every 90 days. 

Apart from changing the filters, cleaning them regularly is also of necessity. A clogged filter can cause several problems with the working of the furnace.

The process of servicing and cleaning a furnace can be a little complicated and can cause problems if not done accurately.

To ensure thorough service and cleaning of the furnace, calling for a professional HVAC professional becomes crucial.

Negligence in conducting the service of the furnace can cause huge expenses. If the service is not done on time, the furnace will break down, and expensive repairs will result.

  • To avoid any repairs with the furnace and ensure the furnace's good health, the furnace's service must be conducted on time. 
  • A few common repairs in the furnace are reduction in heating, fluctuation in heating, water leakage, unusual sounds, and temperature frame.

Usually, the lifespan of a furnace ranges anywhere between 10 to 15 years. This can be more or less, depending on the service and maintenance of the furnace.

If the service and maintenance of the furnace are conducted on time and the furnace is in good health, it can last for more time.

If the furnace stops working during winter, the heating repair services must be called immediately. 

Scheduling a furnace inspection before the winters is important to avoid any malfunctioning during the winters. Find the best furnace repair in Bakersfield, CA.

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