What Happens to a Unit Without AC Maintenance?

What Happens to a Unit Without AC Maintenance?

Among the many requirements of being a homeowner in Bakersfield, CA, ensuring that one AC unit receives frequent AC maintenance can be a priority. This is because, for the unit to function as long as possible at an optimal level, the internal components of the unit require regular care. Therefore, the technicians offering air conditioning service in Bakersfield will give the AC and its internal components the maintenance it needs. 

Results of Skipping AC Service 

Homeowners should hire AC maintenance or AC tune-ups once every year. For homes that use the heat pump system, this service will occur once every six months. However, as the AC unit continues to age, air conditioning service in Bakersfield, CA, will have to occur more frequently to keep all repairs at bay. 

If for any reason, the unit does not receive this AC service, it can result in the following problems: 

  • Warranty Invalidity: 
    Companies often sell units with a warranty period that accompanies them. The primary reason for this warranty is to act as an incentive for homeowners to purchase the AC unit. The warranty period can range from one to five years but are subject to some terms and conditions. The most important condition is that the unit should undergo a minimum number of AC services for the warranty to still hold up. Therefore, if one does not hire AC services it will result in the warranty becoming void. 
  • Constant Repairs: 
    These units are prone to deteriorating over time due to general wear and tear. This will then result in vulnerabilities in the unit that will require AC repair in Bakersfield, CANot only are these repairs expensive but they also mean bad news for the unit in the long run. 
    This is because one major aspect of AC maintenance is to find the repairs as soon as possible to mitigate the damage it can do.
  • Inefficient Units: 
    In addition to the aforementioned issues that a homeowner has to deal with, the unit will also see a decrease in its efficiency. This can have a variety of implications involving operational inefficiency which will result in the unit also costing more. That is, an AC will not be able to cool a given region within the time that one desires. Therefore, the AC will have to run for longer meaning that the utility bills will drastically increase. 
  • Inconvenient Breakdowns: 
    The presence of vulnerabilities in the unit will also mean that the unit could break down at any moment. These breakdowns tend to take place in the summer as the AC is working harder than ever during that period. If this is the case, homeowners will have to struggle without a unit for a couple of days before it undergoes repairs. 

Therefore, the AC unit relies heavily on regular AC service to function the way it is meant to. For individuals that wish to book AC service or AC repair in Bakersfield, CAconsider contacting Elite Air Service. To do so, call (661) 410-8390 or send an email to [email protected].

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