What Does an Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Include?

What Does an Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Include?

Few days are left for the Californian summers to arrive, and you are making schedules and preparing your clothes to enjoy a weekend under the warmth of the bright sun. After you come home after this fulfilling day, your air conditioner is not in the best condition to provide you relief. What would you do?

Do you think it is time to call the air conditioning service Bakersfield? A Service is essential because the harsh summers will make you run to your air conditioner every minute of these summer months. This continuous use may lead to load on your AC may lead to breakdowns. If your air conditioner is not ready for these months, you and your family will be in discomfort. You need to ensure regular maintenance for this summer months.

An air conditioning service in Bakersfield ensures that your air conditioner is working accurately and doesn’t have issues that will develop into severe issues over time. Your air conditioner may collect dust and debris during operation. This dirt and dust stop your air conditioner from working accurately and from providing you the best services.

Cleaning of the air filter

It is an essential part of your air conditioner service repair. Your air filters collect humongous amounts of dirt, which may lead to ice formation and less cool air. The technician washes and cleans the air filters; condenser finds to ensure they work better.

Cleaning of the evaporator fan

During the air conditioner service, the technician also cleans the evaporator and condenser fan. They remove any dirt or mold that may alter the performance of your air conditioner.

Leakage check

The technicians also check if there is any leakage inside your air conditioner. They also check if there is any dripping or pooling inside the air conditioner in the process, they clean the drains and remove the dust that has been collected.

Refrigerant levels

The technician checks if the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner are maintained. If the coolant level is less than required, then the evaporator coil’s temperature drops and your air conditioner stops cooling.

Overall inspection of your air conditioner

The technician checks your air conditioner for any other issues. They check your connections, fan motor, compressor, evaporator, condenser, thermostat. If any faults are visible during the check-up, the technician informs you about repairing or replacing whatever is needed for your air conditioner.

When should you get your air conditioner maintenance service done?

It is advised to get your air conditioner maintained once a year in the spring season. You can maintain your AC system according to your requirements. But once a year, service is recommended to maintain the health of your air conditioner. If you have any family members with a respiratory illness, you should get your air conditioner repaired more often to maintain the air quality of your home.

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