Most Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failure in Bakersfield

Most Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failure in Bakersfield

AC Failure eliteThe good news is that you can restore your air conditioner’s failure to its actual state and enjoy uninterrupted cooling. But first, you need to learn about the common causes of an air conditioner failure so that you can take preventive measures and let your unit function well.

Common Causes of an Air Conditioner failure:

1. Low Refrigerant Levels:

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to subside the humidity and heat from the air in your home. An air conditioner in Bakersfield needs to have a sufficient level of refrigerant in order to provide you active cooling. Still, if your system has developed any leakage in the refrigerant lines, the system may lack sufficient refrigerant and may lead to inadequate cooling.

Replacing the refrigerant cannot fix this problem correctly. An HVAC technician needs to find the leaks and perform an AC repair in Bakersfield to fix the holes in the refrigerant lines. This can be a time consuming and expensive process if the refrigerant line holds multiple leaks.

2. Frozen Evaporator Coils:

The evaporator coils of an air conditioner contain the refrigerant and absorb the heat and humidity from the air like a sponge. Those coils need warm air circulation around them to work effectively. If something goes wrong with the airflow and the evaporator coils get too cold, it may lead to an ice build-up on the outside. With this issue in your air conditioning in Bakersfield, you will get warm air from your air conditioner and not cold air.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils:

The condenser coils are part of the outer unit of the air conditioning system which expels the hot air outside your home and allows the entire system to get rid of the heat removed from the air. If the condenser coils get covered by dust, dirt, and grime, they will fail to work correctly. This is quite a common problem in Bakersfield with all the pollution and soot in the air. When the condenser coils are covered with a layer of dust and dirt, the heat transfer gets obstructed, and the air conditioner needs to work harder to do its job, leading to increased wears and tears on the AC parts, and can even lead to air conditioner failure.

4. Fan Problems:

To cool the air, a fan blows the indoor air over the evaporator coil of the unit. Another fan blows air over the condenser coil of the outdoor unit, which expels the heat absorbed from the air inside your home. If any or both of those fans stop working due to dirt, debris, faulty motor, or worn belt, or due to lack of lubrication– you will encounter a poor airflow from your air conditioning system. If you neglect the problem, your air conditioner may lead to compressor failure, and at times, the consequence may be more prominent as an air conditioner failure.

5. Leaking Ducts:

The cold air produced by your air conditioning system is carried all over your house through the ductwork, running through your walls and ceiling. However, if there are any leakages and holes in the ductwork, the cooled air will wind up inside the walls where it will not do any good. This problem can happen when your ductwork is not installed correctly and can drive up your energy bill while failing to provide you expected cooling.

6. Faulty Thermostat:

If the thermostat of the air conditioning system is failing to work correctly, your air conditioning in Bakersfield may turn on and off frequently or fail to work. There are many digital and technologically savvy thermostats in today’s market, and most of the modern AC units come up with those thermostats only. If you don’t calibrate the old-dial type thermostat of your AC, the system will not get the right instructions from the control system.

When any of these air conditioning components fail, you will notice a change in the airflow. Never neglect required maintenance for your air conditioner, as it is needed to maintain the optimum health of your AC. Call Elite Air Service at (661) 410-8390 for questions or concerns regarding your air conditioning system.


When your air conditioner stops working, it is a sign that there is one or many underlying problems that need immediate attention. Thermostat problem, leakage in refrigerant and air duct, dirt and debris in air filters, and ice build-up in the system and evaporator coils are some of the common issues that most of the homeowners face at Bakersfield.

If your AC compressor is making a loud noise while running, if the compressor clutch is not moving, and if the cabin temperature is higher than normal, your compressor has either gone bad or is not working. That is when you need to get a new AC compressor.

The most common problem of air failure in an air conditioning system is improper operation. The windows and doors of the room you are cooling down should be adequately insulated when the air conditioner is on. You also need to check if there are dirty air filters, low refrigerant levels, or blocked condensate drain.

If you want to test your AC compressor, first disconnect the power supply. Next, you need to remove the top of the outdoor unit and unplug the 3-prong plug of the AC compressor. Now set the multimeter to Ohms and check the resistance of each winding.

Dirty condenser coils, blocked suction lines, low refrigerant charge, and incorrect suction can be among the many reasons for an AC compressor failure.

Before you start to troubleshoot your AC compressor, shut off the power of your AC unit. Check if any wire is loose, burnt, or worn out. Reset the circuit breaker and turn on the thermostat after waiting for several seconds.

Noises from the AC compressor, lack of hot air being blown outside, warm airflow instead of cold air inside your house, are the common symptoms when your AC compressor has gone wrong.

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