Keep Your Home Cool While Spending Less Energy This Summer!

Keep Your Home Cool While Spending Less Energy This Summer!

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The arrival of Summer means that the good times are finally here. Lovely walks in the park, barbecues with friends, and refreshing cocktails convey everything you might want to do on one of those really hot days. To ensure everything goes as planned, avoid having to get an emergency AC repair in Bakersfield. We have some of the best tips to keep the house cool while making your air conditioner’s life a bit easier!

The Power Of Windows!

Cranking up the AC during the hottest days of Summer might sound like the best idea when you feel like there’s nowhere to hide from the heat. However, this might shorten its lifespan and make your unit work overtime. Knowing when to open or close the windows in the household will help you to achieve a sustainable balance.

At night, leaving some windows open will allow fresh air to circulate the house without much effort. This means that not all the hard work will be on your unit’s shoulders and that you won’t have to think about getting an AC replacement in Bakersfield CA for a long time!

Taking Care Of Your AC

Just like with any appliance, your air conditioner needs attention and care. Running maintenance regularly at least once a year will allow you to get the most out of it without having to spend a fortune in repairings or air conditioning service in Bakersfield. A well-functioning unit means an energy-friendly performance, and therefore a few extra bucks in your wallet.

Spending the summer with a poorly maintained air conditioner will increase your bills due to a bigger effort to keep your house cool. To make things easier, you can cover your unit from sun exposure and extreme weather. This will improve its performance by 10% so it’s a win-win situation!

Get the shades on!

Solar screens act as sunglasses for your home. It will not only make it look much cooler (pun intended), but it will also make it feel so! Sun rays can heat up your home and make you and your family feel uncomfortable.

Most of the heat that comes inside your house goes in through the windows. Using the screens will keep your interiors from losing their color, and will help the average temperature inside to remain much lower.
Get the fans working!

Ceiling fans, as well as smaller ones, consume a lot less energy than your air conditioner. Though they might not do the exact same job, they do help to make things easier and better for both your unit and your home. They also bring a whole new look to the household while saving you some money on the bills! What’s not to like?

We want you to enjoy the Summer in and outside of your home! If you’re having any problems with your AC, give us a call today at (661) 410-8390! You can also send us a message through our site!

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