Industrial Swamp Cooler Installation and Maintenance Tips

Industrial Swamp Cooler Installation and Maintenance Tips

With the arrival of the summer months, people start to look for cost-effective artificial swamp cooler to keep their homes and business surroundings cool and comfortable. A swamp cooler installation can be an effective and pocket-friendly way to cool homes and business spaces.

Things you Should Understand When Purchasing a Swap Cooling System

Swamp cooling systems are not perfect for every residential or commercial place. Hence, before investing massive amounts into installing industrial swamp cooling systems, enquire about the system from swamp cooler rental services in Bakersfield, CA, and also consider the following points:

  • Surrounding Climate
    Climatic conditions play an essential role in determining what to buy as cooling equipment in the space. Evaporative air coolers are not the best fit for places with excess moisture in the atmosphere. Evaporative cooling systems will contribute more to humidity in the surroundings, increasing uneasiness in the room. Although, it is the best fit for places with dry air!
  • Cooler’s Location
    A system works by drawing the outdoor air inside the room. So, you need to think about the place where you can install it so it can give maximum efficient services and quickly remove the heat from the room. It would be best to install it on the windows or in the basement connected with a duct system to provide cooling to the entire building.
  • Water Exchange
    Massive amounts of water are required to keep the cooler’s functioning efficiency, around five gallons of water every hour. A fresh water source near the system is a necessity. Saline water can mess up the components due to chemical reactions.
  • System’s Size According to Your Needs
    A massive unit can increase the upkeep cost, while a small system will not fulfill the cooling needs. A swamp cooler system installer knows which product would be best for your space by estimate calculation. With the help of the CMH (Cube Meter Hour) scale, you find what size fits the cooling needs of the area.
  • Features
    Swamp cooler installations are budget-friendly so try looking for a system with additional features. A system with multiple fans mounted in the unit with a vent-only option is preferable!

Tips to Keep in Mind While Installing the System

  • Install the unit 10 feet away from the vent system and 3 feet above the ground
  • At least save space of 3 feet around the unit for maintenance
  • Use closed eye hooks for securely hanging the system

How to Maintain the Swamp Cooler System a Few Months After the Purchase?

Here are a few tips that might come in handy while maintaining the system effectively:

  1. During the winters, there are chances that the components might get rusted: It is better to drain the water from the unit’s water pan and shut it down. When the summer thrives again, open the panel and clean all the components before using it.
  2. Change the cooling pads timely for efficient and effective cooling service. Dust, dirt, and pathogens may have settled on the cooling pads after a long time. Replacing it is a better option so that there is no more damage to the system due to pollutants.
  3. Invest in cooler dampers. Damper prevents the outer polluted air from entering your household, and it will help keep all the spores, pollens, dust, and microbes outside the premises.

Call Elite Air Services, for the best swamp cooler rentals services provider in Bakersfield, CA, and more information regarding installation and getting the best equipment for your industrial place.

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