How To Properly Maintain Your AC Unit In Time For Summer

How To Properly Maintain Your AC Unit In Time For Summer

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You absolutely y must maintain your AC before we’re in the thick of summer! Here at Elite Air Services, we provide AC repair in Bakersfield that not only keeps you cool during the summer. This service also helps our customers cut costs on their energy bills! However, you may not be so sure why you need to schedule this service regularly.

Your air conditioner is a funny machine. It’ll work just fine one day. The next day though it can behave differently. It does that for no reason sometimes! Many times it comes down to a problem that could’ve been avoided with AC maintenance in Bakersfield CA. Loose electrical connections, broken components, and a need for adjustments can create such issues.

We don’t want your summer to be a bummer! Here are a few things you can do before it breaks down:

Check The Filters And Change Them If Needed

Take a look at the vent where your filter is located. What does it look like? Is it gray and discolored? Maybe it has some lint and other stuff covering it? If so it’s definitely time to change it. To be safe though, we recommend changing it every month.

For whatever reason, many of our customers have trouble with this little chore. It’s okay though! It’s very easy to do, and it will help your AC immensely. The more we can prevent that lint from getting further into the AC, the better. You’ll see why in the next section.

Have It Checked For Faulty Parts

If your filters can’t catch the stuff we just talked about, it’s going to rest in the other parts of your AC. Having us clean the inside of your AC is a part of the AC service in Bakersfield. However too much will cause parts to malfunction because they’re having trouble moving. If they can’t move, they tend to suffer from wear and tear.

Your unit is bound to have a few parts that need replacing or at least tightening. It’s not a sign of how much you neglect your unit! It’s just the way these machines work. The best thing you can do is have us take a look at it.

Tune It Up!

There are going to be adjustments to your system that must be made. This is what a tune-up is for! This helps prevent some of that wear and tear, while also keeping it to performance standards. You should have a tune-up performed at least once a year.

Call Us To Check On It For You

Whenever you’re ready to have us take a look, just visit our Review page. A tune-up takes much less time than an all-out repair. At the most, it takes a few hours. However, a more serious problem will be more costly to you if you wait. This is a service we provide every day and we’re more than happy to help out. So click the link to contact us or call at (661) 410-8390.

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