How To Avoid Wasting Time & Money On An AC Replacement

How To Avoid Wasting Time & Money On An AC Replacement

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Does the thought of throwing money away almost literally make you want to shudder? It should if you knew some of the ways people have lost thousands of dollars on trying to find a suitable AC replacement and AC repair in Bakersfield, CA.

First, there are people who are too stubborn to ask for help and try to use the owner’s manual as a substitute for the experience needed to install an air conditioner correctly. Oftentimes there are so many mistakes during the installment that it can break the unit entirely, and maybe even force the guy to go and buy yet another unit.

Then there are those who got fooled by the handyman who lies about his experience, or who just don’t know what type of AC unit their home needs. It can be hard to tell what to do sometimes but with the experienced technicians here at Elite Air Services on your side, you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.
Now here’s how to avoid spending more money than you need to.

Don’t Hire Someone Who Isn’t Qualified

We know that it is very alluring to hire an AC service in Bakersfield that claims they can do a job with half the money that other service providers like us can. Those savings can really go a long way, but you’ve got to think about something.

Isn’t a machine that you’re going to depend on for 15 to 20 years for cool air worth the investment? Wouldn’t you like to have a team come in who works on these units all the time, and has the training and expertise needed to be qualified to work on them? HVAC technicians are required to hold licenses and certifications that are necessary just to work on air conditioners and furnaces. We don’t work on anything else like plumbing or electrical work.

Get The Right AC For Your House

Because we do nothing but work on air conditioners, we’ve seen all sorts of houses and apartments with many different brands and types of air conditioners. After taking a thorough look at your floor plan, the existing equipment, and electrical work, as well as taking a look at your current unit to see what’s wrong.

We can then determine how many BTUs and how high or low of an energy equivalency ratio (EER) that your home can handle and need. Too many of our customers have nearly gotten taken by a sales pitch that highlights the benefits of a unit that you probably don’t need. Don’t go for the shiny object!

Make Sure You Maintain Your Unit Regularly

Replace your air filters regularly, have your new AC checked and tuned up at least once a year, and find a service provider like us to handle any small problems or repairs that you’ll need from time to time. If you need some help with an AC replacement in Bakersfield, CA then please give us a call at (661) 410-8390.

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