Here’s What AC Maintenance You Should Do Every Year & Every Month

Here’s What AC Maintenance You Should Do Every Year & Every Month

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When you really think about it, most of our experience with air conditioners really boils down to just setting the temperature and going about our day. That’s why we don’t think about maintaining our air conditioner and seeking regular AC maintenance and AC repair in Bakersfield, CA from a local service provider like we should.

You see, your air conditioner needs to be cleaned and tweaked just like your car, your bathroom, and yourself. You’ll need to go to regular doctor’s appointments for checkups, and you want a qualified mechanic to check under your hood from time to time so you don’t end up with a really big auto-bill. These things can ruin your day and taking care of your air conditioner should be just as important if you tend to use it a lot.

So what we’re going to do is tell you a few of the things you can do yourself around the house to keep your air conditioner clean, and then tell you what work we can come in and do for you.

The Things You Should Do Every Month

Too many people ignore these very easy chores that you can do all by yourself to help maintain your air conditioner. The most important one is going to be to change your air filters every month. These things will capture a lot of the dust and lint that could possibly sneak into your system and cause a lot of damage. Think of it like a clog that keeps the whole thing from running properly. If too much of this stuff gets inside then the whole thing will eventually break.

Other things you can do are to keep your vents clear, regularly dust and sweep your home, and also keep your outside unit (if you have one) free from leaves and dirt that could hurt it. These chores don’t take very long and will help you avoid potentially expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

The Things You Should Do Every Year

Another really easy thing you can do is to have one of our certified HVAC technicians visit at least once a year to perform air conditioning service in Bakersfield. We will clean the tougher to reach parts of your system that require special care, and we will also run a series of tests to make sure each of the individual components is working as it should. These tune-ups are where we can spot small problems before they turn into bigger problems.

All The Things We Can Do For You

Besides these tests, we can also help clear your ducts, adjust your thermostat, perform simple repairs, and provide any recommendations as to how you can keep your unit clear of dust and lint and thus save some money on energy bills. These duties form a major part of our service calls and we’d be happy to help you out as well. Just give us a call at (661) 410-8390 to schedule an inspection today.

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