Expectations from an HVAC Maintenance Visit

Expectations from an HVAC Maintenance Visit

The fundamental goal of HVAC system maintenance is to keep your system running as efficiently as possible. If your unit has been neglected for a long time; It may exhibit some undesirable symptoms that it is time for maintenance. Aside from the inconvenience; This can result in a significant waste of money. 

Regular maintenance ensures that all sections of your unit are in good working order; Preventing problems and a well-functioning system saves energy. Let’s have a look at the checklist you’ll need for AC repair Bakersfield to keep your system in top shape at all times!

  • Visual Inspection
    Water leaks, discoloration of the area nearby the air conditioning; Debris in the fan, mildew or fungus growth, and dirt accumulation are all apparent signs of a problem. For HVAC systems to work smoothly, it is always good to schedule maintenance checks with a competent expert like air conditioning Bakersfield twice a year.
  • Clean the Air Filters
    The air filters might become clogged with dirt and dust after extended use. Replace the air filters every 90 days, or even less if you have pets. For HVAC systems to work smoothly, it is always good to schedule maintenance checks for air conditioning Bakersfield with a competent expert. 
  • Check the Working of the Thermostat.
    An HVAC expert like heating replacement Bakersfield will check if the actual temperature and the temperature on the thermostat are the same. 
  • Keep Condensation Drain Clear.
    The humidity from the HVAC system collects on the evaporator coil and drops through the condensate drain.
  • Lubrication of Moving Parts
    The lubricating procedure ensures that the components run smoothly and reduce wear and tear. HVAC technicians clean debris from moving parts and apply the proper lubricant to reduce friction. 
  • Inspection of the Exhaust
    Clogged exhaust outlets in ducted systems result in a harmful build-up of mold and algae, threatening your safety and air quality. A technician must periodically clear the furnace exhaust to ensure that air flows smoothly out of the vents. 
  • Inspect Fuel Lines
    Regular HVAC maintenance by AC repair Bakersfield will ensure that all obstructions are eliminated, and any leaking fuel lines are addressed before the problem becomes too severe.
  • Check the Electrical Connections.
    Check your ducted HVAC system’s electrical connections and wiring regularly. They can become causes of electrical sparks and short circuits if loose and harmful.

If you are ready to become a part of our preventative HVAC maintenance program for heating replacement Bakersfieldcall Elite Air Service at (661) 410-8390 or drop us a mail here to schedule an appointment today for budget-friendly and trustworthy services.

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