7 Easy Air Conditioning Repair Tips For Homeowners

7 Easy Air Conditioning Repair Tips For Homeowners

When the air conditioning in Bakersfield starts malfunctioning, two questions juggle in the HVAC owner’s mind. We are here to help you with the answers to your questions. Some HVAC defects can be easily fixed by following the DIY tips carefully.

Various DIY tips are easy and secure methods that can temporarily help you fix your HVAC issues. Contact a professional service for permanent solutions for your HVAC needs.

Fix the Tripped Breaker

The circuit breaker trips when there is some short circuit or other power line risk. It usually happens for safety purposes but if this problem is continuously troubling, try restarting the fuse box.

For this purpose, first, you should locate the breaker box. Also, look for the AC circuit and pull it down to the off position. Then, wait a few minutes and push it up to the on position.

Clean the Dirty Air Conditioning

The outdoor unit is more prone to dirt, dust, debris, etc. That’s why you should clean it often. Examine the outdoor AC unit carefully. Remove the dust and debris using a powerful vacuum.

For stubborn dirt particles, use a water hose. Use a coil cleaning spray to clean the dirty coils. Ensure that you don’t damage the motor while cleaning the AC unit.

Change the Old Air Filter

Clean air filters are essential, especially if any family member is suffering from asthma or allergy and if you have pets at home. You can locate your air filter by checking the AC manual.

It should be near the return air duct. Pull out the old AC filter. If you want to place a HEPA filter, you will first have to find out whether your air conditioning unit is compatible with the HEPA filter or not.

Examine the Air Conditioning Parts

Thoroughly inspect all the AC components. If the motor is not running, the AC motor needs lubrication. Without oiling, the motor fails to function. Lubricate the motor to prevent the jammed motor issue. Ensure there are no loose AC bolts or broken metal components in your AC.

Fix the Frozen Coil

The evaporator coil freezes up when the condenser and air filter are clogged. To solve this issue, you need to defrost it. You can use your AC on the fan-only mode or turn it off to melt the ice.

Reset the Temperature Settings

Sometimes, a faulty thermostat is responsible for repetitively changing temperatures. A thermostat determines the temperature of your room. If it is not working according to your temperature requirements, reset the thermostat by pressing the reset button.

Schedule a Yearly Tune-Up

An annual AC service in Bakersfield is the easiest way to maintain and maximize the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. The tune-up service includes all those services an air conditioning unit needs to function well. Prefer scheduling the annual service twice every year. Spring and fall are the best times to schedule AC service.


When you experience the foul odors that make you turn your AC off and hear the loud noises that disturb your routine, call the technician for AC repair in Bakersfield, CA.

If you live in Bakersfield and surrounding locations, you can take the help of Elite Air Service to fix your faulty HVAC. We are a company formed with extremely talented and focused HVAC technicians.

We have over four years of experience, whereas the owner of Elite Air Service has been providing air conditioning services in Bakersfield for 25 years. Our HVAC technicians are focused, understanding, and dedicated. We prioritize customers’ comfort, time, and satisfaction. Schedule Service for your HVAC system and let us help you.

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