6 Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning Alive as Long as Possible

6 Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning Alive as Long as Possible

In a place like Bakersfield California, air conditioning systems are an essential form of convenience for our homes. Summers are very uncomfortable due to the high temperatures and high humidity, so you would prefer an AC system that is in optimal condition.

Extending the life of your air conditioning and heating system should be a high priority for your home. It’s a significant financial commitment, but it’s essential to making the most of your time at home. Some preventative measures can save you money in an AC breakdown.

You may improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioner by doing a few simple steps.

Cleaning Air Filters Regularly

Air conditioners can’t function properly without having their filters periodically changed. To what extent you need to replace yours depends on your filter. However, it is customary to change them out every 90 days. When the filter in your air conditioner is dirty, it will have to work more to cool your home.

Maintain your Outdoor Unit's Surroundings

Maintenance of the space around your outdoor unit can reduce the load on your HVAC system. Blocking the intake area causes the outdoor unit to work harder than necessary to keep up with the demand for conditioned air.

Keeping the area around your air conditioning clean and tidy will assist in extending its life and preventing fire threats.

Using a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat helps your air conditioner last longer since it reduces the number of times it needs to run each year.

Smart thermostats allow you to control your air conditioning system from anywhere. It may be easily programmed and are especially helpful if you forget to adjust the temperature in your house before leaving for work or vacation.

Ensure Proper Insulation

Maintaining a consistent temperature in your home will burden your system less if you have taken the time to insulate the ductwork. The less strain you put on your system, the longer it will last in its normal state.

Close Blinds in Daytime

Your HVAC unit may have to work harder than necessary because of the extra heat introduced by open windows and doors. When temperatures are at their most elevated in the summer, closing the blinds and drapes can assist in a more comfortable interior. Close the doors and windows to reduce the workload on the heating and cooling system.

Inspection Drain Line

Air conditioning machines don’t just cool the air but also remove humidity. The water is collected by the air conditioner and directed down a drain before being securely discharged outside. However, the drain may become clogged and overflow over time, resulting in expensive AC repair in Bakersfield.

Remember to Schedule Regular Maintenance

You may reduce the workload on your air conditioner with some effort. Preventative maintenance is another way to ensure your system remains in peak condition. A prepared expert will be able to detect issues with your system long before you see any deterioration in its operation. The sooner these issues are identified, the best your system will be.

Waiting for something to break and develop into an emergency, routine maintenance appointments will pay for themselves in case an issue is detected that can be fixed quickly. You can ensure peak performance and maximum longevity from your air conditioner by scheduling routine maintenance as soon as feasible.

Hire Only Professionals

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Our preventative maintenance service will help you save money by finding problems before they even happen. Ring us at (661) 410-8390 for air conditioning service in Bakersfield.

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