5 Tips for Better Air Conditioning Performance

5 Tips for Better Air Conditioning Performance

Summers can be unbearable without an efficiently working Air Conditioning unit. And to keep your residential or commercial place relaxed, comfortable, and active even during the scorching heatwaves, all you need is a well-performing air conditioning unit. And to have an efficient performance from your air conditioner during the scorching summers, you need to give your AC unit regular supervision and maintenance. 

You can do many things by yourself to prevent your air conditioning unit from possible damage. Still, if you find it difficult to manage damage in your AC unit, you must hire an AC to repair professional for an expert handling of your AC system. 

Following are the Five Tips You Can Follow to Increase the Performance of Your AC Unit:

Regularly Clean and Replace the Air Filter

During the summers, your AC works continuously; therefore, it requires regular attention from you. The frequent use and loo-ridden winds can lead to continual clogging of the AC filters. So, if your AC filters are reusable, you need to unclog them every month. Regular cleaning of the AC filters removes the dust or dirt from the filters, thereby allowing optimum airflow. And in case your AC filters are damaged beyond repair, you must replace them.

Periodic Inspection of the Thermostat 

Along with the AC filters, the thermostat also needs to be checked routinely. The thermostat in your AC unit is responsible for managing the optimal temperatures to relieve you from the soaring summer temperatures. Therefore, a modern and technology-driven thermostat that works using a Wi-Fi connection and can be managed through tablets, or mobile phones, leads to better control over the temperatures inside your home or office. Additionally, a smart thermostat saves utility bills and cuts the running costs of the cooling unit.

Keep a Regular Check on the Condenser

AC condenser, the outdoor portion of an AC, is responsible for collecting or releasing heat depending on the season. The condenser’s metal coil and the fan attached to it must be checked regularly for possible damage. The dust and debris accumulated in the condenser must be cleaned regularly. Along with this, you must examine the AC condenser unit for overheating, damaged wires, and melted insulation. In case you find damage in the AC condenser beyond repair, you must contact an ac repair expert.

Keep a Regular eye on Your AC Unit’s Wiring

Due to the continuous usage of the air conditioning system, the wiring might get weak or damaged. The weak wires affect your air conditioner’s overall performance, and when left unchecked, this may lead to the complete shutdown of the AC unit. Also, inspect the system capacitor regularly. Repair or replace the wiring and system capacitor when required. In case you are unable to handle it, contact a professional AC repair service nearby.

Regularly Clean the Outer Part of the AC Unit

Continuous usage, accompanied by atmospheric conditions like moisture and storms, can lead to the accumulation of dirt and debris on the external (indoor and outdoor) parts of the air conditioning system. This accumulation leads to curtailed airflow, thereby affecting the overall performance of the AC unit. Therefore, regular cleaning of your AC unit’s external parts leads to better performance of the AC system.

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