3 Common DIY Central AC Repair in Bakersfield, CA 

3 Common DIY Central AC Repair in Bakersfield, CA 

AC repair in Bakersfield, CA

When you want uniform airflow inside your house, you must opt for central air conditioners. When your air conditioner is working, but the house is not cooling sufficiently, there can be a problem in the distribution system. It would help if you had a professional repairman for almost any AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, apart from routine cleanups. But there are many repairs you can make yourself and keep your system operating at its peak efficiency.

Caution: Before performing any AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, ensure that your system is not receiving any power supply. 

Before you start working on your air conditioning system, let’s try to narrow the job scope. Here are 3 common problems and the solution which will help you during your Central AC repair in Bakersfield, CA

Your Condenser Is Not Working 

If your air conditioner condenser unit is not working, there can be many possible reasons for that. Due to a lack of power supply, your condenser unit will stop working. If your thermostat setting is too high, it will also affect the condenser unit’s work. The condensing unit can stop working due to the faulty motor and faulty compressors. 


You need to check for blown fuses or tripped circuit Breakers and restore the circuit if needed. You must keep the thermostat setting at least 5 degrees lower than your current setting to bring your AC back to normal again. If your air conditioner condenser unit is not working because of a faulty motor and a faulty compressor, you need to call a professional instead of fixing it yourself. 

You Have Uneven Cooling 

Sometimes you can feel not every corner of your house is getting cooled equally. Well, that can happen at times when the distribution system is out of balance.


You need to balance the system by performing some regular clean-up like cleaning the ductwork, cleaning the vents, cleaning the air filters, etc. If you find your air conditioning system to work inefficiently even after balancing your system, you need to call a professional HVAC technician.

The Condenser Unit Is Turning on And Off Repeatedly 

If the condenser unit is overlooked for a long time and each has accumulated dirt and dust, this problem can arise. A blocked condenser unit can make your AC behave abnormally at times. Due to dirty evaporator coils also, you can face such a problem.


Cleaning the condenser coil and fins is the first thing you need to do when facing this problem. You also need to remove dirt, dust, and other debris blocking the condenser unit by cutting down the grass, vines, and weeds around your condenser unit. Also, clean the evaporator coil to make your AC running again. 

Well, there are many things to do to repair your central air conditioning system and help it run all year efficiently. You must not try complex and challenging repair work at home without professional supervision. Remember that an improper AC service in Bakersfield may cost you to lose your system forever. Call at (661) 410-8390 Elite Air Service if your air conditioner is facing any problems.

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