Preventative AC Maintenance Tips

Preventative AC Maintenance Tips

Upkeep of Air conditioning systems is fundamental if you want them to work all through the summer without deterrents. For a durable and agreeable cooling system, ACs require regular maintenance and servicing. That’s why you need to get regular services of air conditioning in Bakersfield.

Even though your AC is intended to last 10 to 15 years, you will not enjoy the efficiently working equipment if you don’t get it maintained by an expert every year before the spring months. When you have equipment that gives both warming and cooling to your home, you should add an extra maintenance session before winter. 

Follow These Tips To Maintain Your Air Conditioner Better:

  • Inspect and clean condenser coils: The primary function of the condenser coils is the removal of heat from the refrigerant. These are required to be examined and cleaned regularly to obtain maximum efficiency, increase the product’s life, and finally, ensure proper cooling of your home.
  • Examine and test relays, contactors, controls, and starters: An air conditioner consists of a ton of small yet complex parts and components. Every major component of the air conditioner must be checked and tested to ensure proper working and functioning.
  • Examine the air filter and replace it, if need be: A clean air filter makes sure that the AC unit’s scope is to trap more impurities, thereby releasing pure air. Hence, it is necessary to clean it regularly. If it is too dirty, you should consider replacing the air filter as it can seriously hamper the efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Clean and inspect the condensate drain: When the evaporator converts the refrigerant into a gas, the air conditioner’s condensate drain line releases the water stored in it. Certain impurities such as dust and algae can even clog the drain line, and that can pose bigger problems for your AC unit.
  • Take extra care of the motor: The Motor is essential for throwing cold air into your room; hence, it is another important part of your air conditioning unit. It should be regularly inspected, cleaned, and lubricated to ensure its proper functioning.
  • Examine all belts and pulleys: Ensure the condition of all the belts and pulleys in your air conditioning unit. If they are worn out or not working properly, you should strongly consider replacing them.

Channels, conduits, condensers, and so on must be checked and maintained to keep the air conditioner system unblemished and work for an extensive stretch. By doing this, the air conditioner will be useful for quite a while, and the electricity consumption bill will also be less.

You will appreciate the advantages of yearly or semi-yearly maintenance of your air conditioner. We at Elite Air Service provide the best Air Conditioning in Bakersfield, ranging from Air conditioning installation to AC repairs in Bakersfield. Visit our website to know more.

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