9 Interesting Facts you Didn’t Know About your Air Conditioning System!

9 Interesting Facts you Didn’t Know About your Air Conditioning System!

Luckily, we have an air conditioning system to help bear the high-temperature days and keep us healthy during the summer months. 

Can you imagine living and working tirelessly during summer without the invention of the air conditioning system?

Elite Air Services air conditioning service in Bakersfield is a great resource to use to learn more about how the air conditioning system came to existence.

Facts About the Air Conditioning System That will Leave you Astonished!

The Air conditioning system blows cool air to lower the room’s temperature, and the air conditioning service in Bakersfield can provide a few facts regarding your air conditioning system. 

  • During the 1900s, the movie theater business boomed because of the AC system as people escaped to movie theaters to beat the heat in the summer.
  • Modern air conditioning systems use refrigerants for processing the air, but earlier AC system models used enormous amounts of ice cubes to provide cooling.
  • The First American President to use the luxury of an air conditioning system was Herbert Hoover in 1929. He spent a whopping $30,000 a few months before the New York Stock Exchange crashed, which led the world to slip into the Great Depression.
  • The electricity consumption by the AC system in America is more than the entire continent of Africa uses electricity in a year. 
  • Cures for chronic and life-threatening diseases are available because of the AC system.
  • AC systems are proven to reduce allergies and asthmatic symptoms. Call AC service in Bakersfield for proper maintenance.
  • In 1939, Packard, an automobile manufacturer, developed the first automobile with an AC system.
  • The first residential property to install a fully-fledged residential AC system was in 1913 in Charles Gates Mansion in Minneapolis, and the AC system was 7 ft high, 6 ft wide, and 20 ft long.
  • AC systems opened the gateways to build glass skyscrapers and low-built houses because they provided a new way for air ventilation.

The History Behind the Air Conditioning System

If you think that the necessity behind air conditioning invention was to deliver comfort in residential areas, then you might be wrong.

According to the AC service in Bakersfield, around the 20th century, the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company faced a problem with high-quality color printing because of increased humidity.

So, after struggling to print better prints for two years, the printing company decided to ask help from a refrigeration company to devise a solution to the problem. And then, Willis Carrier designed a primitive cooling system to reduce the humidity around the printer.

The first commercial air conditioning system involved an industrial fan that blew air across the coils filled with cold water. As a result, the excess humidity condensed and produced cool air.

It temporarily solved the company’s problem of paper expansion and blurry ink, but the Carrier’s Air Conditioning Company founder knew it was not a permanent solution.

So, he began working on the initial design and developed a mighty and small Centrifugal Refrigeration Compressor. The invention became a stepping stone for modern air conditioning model designs to flourish.

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It nearly took a century to apply the thermodynamic principles to real-life use as refrigeration technology after University of Glasglow Professor William Cullen evaporated liquids in a vacuum in 1748. 

But you should not take much time to call an air conditioning service in Bakersfield to maintain your AC system. Call Elite Air Service today for an affordable AC service.

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